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Right now we have 8 babies available for you to choose from. This year we have variety of colors from light to very dark. Please click on the name of each baby, browse photos and let us know if you have any questions.

This year’s baby names were inspired by the Solar Eclipse and Celestial objects.

Baby Sunny – Male 

Baby Leo – Male 

Baby Eclipse – Male

Baby Skye – Male

Baby Rocky – Male

Baby Rigel – Male

Baby Juno – Male

Baby Star – Female

Please NOTE: All these babies hatched at the end of August and are only a few weeks old. They are still full of “baby hormones” where they don’t always want to be picked up right away and run away from your hands. But with time and interactions and regular handling they will tame up and become great pets. It is not typical for a baby to become tame just in a few weeks. It takes time and patience to bond with these iguanas and the end results are very rewarding. We are known to captive breed great temper rock iguanas that will become tame iguana pets with the right approach and husbandry.

We can ship juvenile rock iguanas within US only during warm weather. Shipping live reptiles becomes problematic starting November due to temperature drops below freezing. We use FedEx Priority Overnight ONLY with special insulated packaging and heat packs during cooler days. Shipping costs can vary between $45-90 depending on the address it’s being shipped to.

Our variety of rock iguanas are Cyclura Lewisi x Nubila hybrids aka Cayman and Cuban rock iguana cross.

Our adults are Casanova (male) and Yasha (female)

Casanova, Male Cyclura lewisi hybrid

Casanova, Male Cyclura lewisi hybrid

Casanova, Male Cyclura lewisi hybrid

Yasha, Female Cyclura lewisi x nubila hybrid

Yasha, Female Cyclura lewisi x nubila hybrid

Thank you for your interest! If you have any questions or requests please contact us.