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Cyclura harness and leash

Cyclura leash and harness

Cyclura leash and harness. Our young cyclura male Casanova is modeling this harness for us. Photo by Renata Carlseen.

We wanted to take our cyclura outside in the back yard on the leash and came up with this harness & leash combination.

This is a small dog harness attached to the retractible leash that works very well for reptiles and our cyclura.

The harness is adjustable and needs to fit snug around the chest area of your cyclura.

We really do recommend using the chain repair link (as seen in photo) to attach the leash to the harness – it makes it absolutely impossible for the leash to become detached (well, unless your lizard can generate a few thousand pounds of force ). Notice that we just bypass the clip built onto the leash – it just doesn’t hold well against a squirmy lizard.

Since cyclura spikes are very hard we had not noticed any damages from the harness. The spikes fold down easily if needed and don’t catch on anything.

These dog harnesses are available at most pet stores and on-line. The brand names can vary as well. They come in many sizes from extra small to very large.

The first ones we got (not shown) were the “Cesar Milan” dog models sold exclusively at Petco. These were a bit more expensive, but better than the one that’s shown in the photo that we got from Amazon (this one is still OK, though): Rogz Reflective Dog Step-in Harness.


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