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Juvenile Rock Iguana Subdivided Temporary Cages

Since Cyclura hybrid babies establish dominance very early on we have given them individual cages to keep peace and all their limbs attached.

We have only one pair living together for three months and finally they have started fighting and needed to be separated as well.

To create separate cages we have utilized 4 ft tanks into two sections with the dividers. Each baby has his/her own condo now with lair, logs, rocks, basking space and food.

On the weekends we let them socialize, run around and exercise in a large walk-in enclosure.

This set-up has been working out rather well for us considering these are temporary solutions to keep babies separated.

Check out the photos and video of the subdivided temporary rock iguana cages below:

Baby Alpha's condo

Baby Alpha’s condo

Baby Beta's Condo

Baby Beta’s Condo

Baby Epsilon's Condo

Baby Epsilon’s Condo

Baby Gamma's Condo

Baby Gamma’s Condo

Babies Theta and Eta sharing the Condo

Babies Theta and Eta sharing the Condo

Baby Zeta's Condo

Baby Zeta’s Condo




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