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Cyclura Data, Weight Measurements of Rock Iguana Babies 2013

I have been keeping weight data on all our cyclura for over 8 years now. And 2013 baby rock iguana clutch is also being monitored.

Our adults get measured every month and it gives us pretty good idea on how they develop and how their weight fluctuates based on seasons: mating, gravid times, winter cold season, etc.

Rock Iguana babies do grow very fast (not as fast as green iguanas), so I measure them once a week to monitor their progress.

Take a look at this chart below. All weight measurements are in grams.

Baby Rock Iguana 2013 clutch weight data

Baby Rock Iguana 2013 clutch weight data

Interesting fact is that the smallest one hatched  named Alpha has doubled the weight in one month. That’s incredible for cyclura baby! Other babies are growing at different rates. It will be interesting to see how they turn out in six months.

Please note that we feed only organic greens, vegetables and fruit with only one supplement of dry alfalfa powder mixed with Repashy “Superveggie” all-in-one herbivore supplement. We do not feed Mazuri or animal proteins.

I also want to encourage our future baby owners to continue collecting weight data on these animals. It will be interesting to see how different climates, diets and living conditions will effect their development. I am all for “data”.

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