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Human Head Makes a Perfect Perch for Baby Rock Iguanas.

Did you know that human heads can also be used as “baby iguana magnets”? Oh yes! They love getting up there on the top of your head and supervise the world around them from above.

Our Rock Iguana babies are barely over a month old and they already discovered “perfect human head perch”.

I sit inside the large enclosure with babies and they can run around me and get used to my presence. Some are brave enough to climb me, which is awesome! Check this out.

Baby Eta  perching on Renata's head October 13 2013

Baby Eta perching on Renata’s head October 13 2013

This is baby Eta on the top of my head. Seriously, this lizards couldn’t be happier!

Baby Gamma and Baby Eta sitting on Renata's shoulders Oct-13-2013

Baby Gamma and Baby Eta sitting on Renata’s shoulders Oct-13-2013

Gamma saw baby Eta climbing all over me and decided to try it out as well. “Humans are awesome: they are warm, climbable and provide a tall perch. Yah!”

Baby Eta is my “Buddy-buddy”, climbing and jumping all over me.

Baby Beta also had to work his way up my hair. Good climbing exercise for a tiny lizard.


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