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We are happy to announce that our beautiful 2016 rock iguana babies have hatched and doing very well! They are getting ready for new homes. This year we have a variety patterns and personalities!

All babies have been adopted at this time. For new inquiries contact

If you are not sure which rock iguana baby will suit you best, please ask us. We observe their behavior and social interactions. It helps us to determine which rock iguana babies are dominant and confident, which are more shy and calm, which are ready to interact with people and which are still full of wild instincts. We do our best to make observations and help you to pair up with most suitable rock iguana.


Beni – Male

Cali – Male

Dali – Male

Fuji – Male

Kobi – Male

Rico – Male

Shino – Male

Tajimi – Male

Zumi – Male

Aria – Female

Chia – Female

Franca – Female

Luna – Female

Nova – Female

Samara – Female

Verona – Female

We can ship juvenile rock iguanas within US only during warm weather. Shipping live reptiles becomes problematic starting November due to temperature drops below freezing. Please plan to ship your iguanas in September-November if possible.

Thank you for your interest! If you have any questions or requests please contact us.

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