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Juvenile Rock Iguanas Eating Salad

Only 3 weeks old, but already learned feeding routine! Our 2014 rock iguana babies emerge from the hide to go eat breakfast salad one at a time.

They are adorable and cute.  Just watch the video below.

When rock iguanas are so young they follow each other and observe each other behavior,  just like “monkey see and monkey do”. I can watch them all day long observing their “pack” behavior.

It is also very important to give them fresh food early on and not spoil them with fruit. All our rock iguana babies are used to eating fresh greens mixed with ground up veggies, so they are not picky eaters when they get to your home. I am very particular about that and feed them only best organic fresh greens and vegetables daily.

These little 3 weeks old rock iguanas already starting to look chubby like healthy rock iguanas should turning into eating and pooping machines!

I am very excited to watch them grow into big iguanas!

– Renata Carlseen


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