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Petting Tame Male Rock Iguana Casanova 10-2014

Casanova turned 9 years old October 2014 and he has been a very tame big boy for most of his life. In this video I wanted to show his natural colors in regular ambient daylight. His colors change based on many things: temperature, surrounding light, time of the day, prior or after shedding, state of happy, mating desires and season of the year. His colors can vary from dark black-blue to light bright blue to beige-brown or dirty muddy grey.

I also wanted to point out that rock iguanas make great family pets if you spend time to tame them. These are by far one of the most intelligent and smart lizards out there that develop great bond with people and the household. As I like to call them, my dinosaur-puppy lizards.

Rock iguanas also learn that their cages are their homes and when done free roaming they like to return back to their cages on their own.

I made a video showing Casanova and in the end you can see him walking back to his cage. What a good boy!


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