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Cyclura lewisi hybrid Baby Sunny

Introducing baby rock iguana Sunny, Male, Cyclura lewisi hybrid.

Sunny is a larger baby, bright colors and has very sweet and friendly personality. He accepts handling very well and already accepts blueberry treats offered by hand while being held at 3 weeks old. Sunny enjoys being held out of his cage and is not shy, he is active and likes to explore. He will most likely be a multi-color hybrid including blues through his body and orange dewlap when he matures. This baby is in excellent health and great condition. He has one very small imperfection at the end of the tail tip, it’s a tiny kink that is barely visible, less than 1″ from the tip. This cosmetic imperfection does not effect any functions of his tail.

With love and patience Sunny will make a great pet and companion in very short time

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Hatched 8/21/2017 at 48 grams

Sunny 3 weeks old

Sunny 3 weeks old