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Rock Iguanas Eating Birthday Fruit Salad 2014

October is a month we celebrate our rock iguana’s birthdays and always give them special fruit salad as an annual special treat.

This year I got papaya, mango, persimmon and fig. The plate was served and all adults head a feast!

In this video you can see out female Xena making a mess on the floor. She is the most sloppy eater, but she always finishes her portion and if any other fruit left overs left from other iguanas, she will eat them too. Xena is the best eater in the house. She always eats all her greens every day and sometimes I give her extra helping of food in the evening.

Rock iguana male Casanova loves to lick his lizard lips. In this video I zoomed in on his mouth and tongue and you can see how much he likes to savor the flavor of each fruit. Rock iguana males seem to have longer tongues than females.

And then you can see our smallest female Bella eating her fruit salad. She was super excited and kept bobbing while eating. Bella loves to bob at things, people and other lizards. She is super friendly with people, but very territorial with other iguanas in the house. She doesn’t care she is the smallest of the bunch. In her head she is a mighty queen on the pack.

Yasha also enjoyed her fruit salad. But I didn’t get a good video of her. But trust me, she was very happy to have her exotic treat.

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