Reptile Function

Socializing with rock iguana babies 2017

My name is Renata Carlseen and I am known for having very tame iguanas. People often ask me about how to tame rock iguana babies. My specialty is that I produce very social rock iguana pets and I do it by handling babies with lots of love, patience and time from the first day they hatch. It’s important to establish their trust and bond with humans as early as possible in their lives so the iguanas are not stressed when being handled and become great pets.

It’s a lot of time and commitments, but it pays off. Reptile Function babies make great pets if you provide proper set-up, keep your iguana in the non-stress environment and continue to work with them the way I do. When you obtain my rock iguana baby it will be already preconditioned to become a great pet and will be social: generally no tail whipping or biting. Watch my video 🙂  My love and passion are working with iguanas so you can have a wonderful life time iguana companion.

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