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Deworming your iguana from parasites

It is possible that your iguana may get infected with parasites through food or from being outside. If you suspect your iguana has worms or parasites it is wise to seek treatment. If you are not sure that your reptile has worms or what to do or how to administer the drug, please seek a professional recommendation from your vet who is qualified to treat your exotic animals.

But for those of us who are seeking some hands-on information, here is what’s out there in the market.

Fenbendazole  is actual drug and is sold under brand names Panacur and Safe-Guard, used against gastrointestinal parasites. The drug flushes out worms. Do follow recommended dosage instructions carefully. Despite being safe and widely used as a dewormer in many species, toxicity has been reported in reptiles.

You can buy it at your vet or without the prescription at the pet and feed stores.

This is what the package looks like.

Panacur - deworming medication

Panacur – deworming medication

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