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How to heal a damaged snout & Iguana intelligence

This is a very interesting story from Susan Glynn Mule that makes you think about iguana intelligence. Her blue phase green iguana Tazumal is not a Cyclura, but the story is educational and we all can learn something from it. You can learn how to apply some medicine to a damaged snout or learn about intelligent thinking of iguana.

Tazumal licking his medicine. Photo by Susan Glynn Mule

Tazumal licking his medicine. Photo by Susan Glynn Mule

This is what she wrote:

“I wanted to post this photo because the story behind it demonstrates the remarkable intelligence of iguanas of all kinds.

Tazumal, my blue phase green, had injured his nose riding in a small carrier and I was treating it with medical grade honey (this is VERY different from normal raw honey and does not carry botulism).

Tazumal quickly learned that if his nose was bleeding I would apply the honey and he could lick some off of my finger. Soooo, he started scratching the scab off deliberately, knowing I would put honey on it.

It took me a while to figure out this is what he was doing and why his nose wouldn’t heal.

Finally I stopped putting the honey on his nose and just let him lick a taste off of my finger each morning — now his nose is completely healed! This little morning ritual has also helped rebuild trust between Tazumal and me now that his breeding season is over.”

2 thoughts on “How to heal a damaged snout & Iguana intelligence

  1. Susan Glynn Mule'

    Make sure you only ever use MEDICAL GRADE honey with iguanas. This is very important as other honeys can carry traces of botulism. 🙂

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