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Cyclura male and female issues during nesting

So, how do you hadle  a couple (male and female) of Cycluras that are in the same enclosure when female Cyclura is ready to nest and lay her eggs, but the male won’t leave  her alone and consistently tries to mate with her?

You can be dealing with potential issues that could turn harmful for both: male and female.

These are the risks:

He may stress her out. If she is not left alone two things can happen: brutal fights (missing toes and tails) or you risk egg binding by her not being able to lay in piece. Also once she lays eggs  she will become aggressive while she protects the nest. If the enclosure is too small, it will make the situation more aggravating.

These are solutions:

Best suggestions are to separate them during the nesting season by separating their enclosure in two if possible. The female is going to be able to be quiet and dig her nest without interference.

The best cage for a breeding pair is two smaller cages side by side with a door between them so that they can be separated but kept near also. For example, two 10’x10′ cages separated by a door gives them the most ideal breeding and nesting situation.


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