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Funny Banana Story & What Not To Wear

This is just a funny story by Patrick B. Most Cyclura owners who do give  treats to their iguanas can relate. This is what he wrote….

‟All right funniest Cyclura story time. Mine is a 9 year old cross I had named Sid. He was like a crackhead looking for rocks for bananas. Sid would always see me coming and come out of hiding if he saw a banana in my hand. He would let me in his cage and then run full speed and try to jump and get the banana. So I used to see how high he would jump for the fruit and believe it or not good 2 feet all four feet in the air.

Well this particular day I came out on Saturday morning going nowhere wearing best aka = sweat pants, tank top and flip flops.

All mistakes first he runs at me, jumps, lands on my sweatpants and starts climbing up and pulling my pants half down. I am trying to hold my pants up. Too dumb to think about dropping the banana I hold it out with my other arm, so Sid scrambles up me chasing it, runs across my head scratching my shoulders and arms up.

So now I finally drop the banana. Another big mistake as he leaps off me to the ground to get it. I realize it is right by my nice pink toes that look like pinky mice moving around.

He starts chomping at the banana and missing making me dance in place trying to keep all my toes.

Note: I didn’t get bit but boy did my room mate laugh.

Lesson learned on cage wear. NO flip flops, NO sweatpants and above everything DROP the banana.”

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